Does insurance is better or loan?


The main way of life is going through a routine or plan. Backup of financial damage or loss may be best step of success we all know that. We do not know what is waiting for, maybe it could be good or may be bad. We all want to fix nice backup for bad option. There are many options of backing up finance of a family or person. Lands, different type of assets help people to recover the losses. Insurance or loan both are good option for the backup. But both are different thing.

Many people think that insurance is as same as loan. Each systems pattern looks like same but in the meantime, both are different organization. Bank is the main controller of loan system and insurance company also main controller of any insurance. In one word we can say both are opposite path. Money is the main dealing product of both systems. One gives money and another take money. But both gives feedback with their own rules. When you do business, you can take loan from any bank. On the other side to do insurance of any you have not to any business or any work. these are not their policy.


Suppose you have a home. It is a last asset of any family or person. An insurance company will serve or offer to you to do home insurance after home has built. They will offer like after damage home the person will get a range of liquid money against the loss to repair home. Another side loan will get when you have property to built home. By the property owner you can get a loan for home. Here you get liquid money for work. After work you have to return it weekly or monthly or yearly. In the same way for insurance, you have to payment before the home damage.


Once you take loan for any thing you must have to pay the payment otherwise bank will sell the morgues property to pull back their money. It’s a loan main requirement to pay full payment after the work. Loan gives pressure of life. A person could be depressing by taking loan. Cause He has always tension in mind to recover his financial problem.

Here insurance have same thing.  There are some steps to provide money of insurance. When you do not able to fill their agreement money you cannot get money. They do not payment. On the other side both have limited time for loaning any one or person have to payment. Without maintaining time both of them do not pay any Client.


It is not necessary to buy home insurance but it would be necessary to take loan from any company or bank. So, we can call insurance is optional loan could be necessary.

Now we see many comparisons between loan and insurance. Loan can bring benefit in present life on another path insurance brings benefit in the future. When a person wants better life, he/she must have to maintain present with future both. He/she have to think about future also. Better future assured a person of him or for his/her family happy. Sometimes loan brings full of pain in a person’s life but insurance give pressure that’s not like loan system.

The solution from mine opinion insurance can brings happy life. Loan also brings but it is temporary many of time. 40 percent loan give happy ending and 60 percent insurance brings. But both give 70-80 percent success of persons life.


Loan does not protect your social security cause in our social life income always called protector. When you have good income, you can borrow loan with your ability. Without income no one could not borrow loan. Low income manages low loan. But with low in come, you can do insurance. I mean income does vary on insurance but there is no effect of doing insurance.  Those effects are temporary. Insurance is the best option from taking loan.

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