How important is life insurance for financial security? 

Life insurance is very important for the financial security of one’s life and the life of one’s family. But for low income people, who do not have a balanced fixed income, it is very difficult to get life insurance or even if you have life insurance, it is very difficult to continue. So life insurance premium for low income peopleShould be given by the government. Gradually, when those low-income people join the middle class (increasing their income), the government will cut off their premium money and spend the remaining money on other charitable causes.

Which do you think is the best life insurance company from LIC?

With the exception of LIC, the combined business of all life insurance companies in India is one third of LIC. That alone is not the only reason. The Government of India has given Sovereign Guarantee for LIC policy only after their currency (INDIAN CURRENCY). Which no other life insurance company can pay. There are thousands of reasons why LIC is ahead of the rest but no other life insurance company will ever be able to compete with LIC. You can’t. Let’s talk about the relevant Soreveign Guarantee. According to Section 37 of the LIC Act, which was drafted by the Government of India at the time of establishment of LIC in 1956, the Government of India will be liable to pay the sum assured of the policy sold by LIC and the bonus declared by LIC in that policy. That is, if anyDon comes to the conclusion that LIC has not been able to reimburse its policy customers for the losses incurred for many years in a row, in which case the Government of India is obliged to repay that money on behalf of LIC. The Government of India has not given such facility to the institution like Bank Bapost office.

Can life and property be insured for financial security? What does religion say even if society gives legitimacy here?

If you want to know the rules of Islam, insurance is not legal in Islam. Because the insurance thing is a bit like a lottery. Everyone pays, but few people enjoy it. There are some exceptions to all the rules. For example, although alcohol is haraam, it is halal to consume it if it contains alcohol. There is some insurance that the government has made compulsory. Such as car insurance. It is legal for you to have such compulsory insurance. There are some cases where your situation forces you to take out insurance. God can forgive you in such a situation. It is important to understand how serious the situation is. Wise scholars can give advice in this regard. Insurance is not legal according to the rules of Islam. However, in special circumstances, all rules are exempt. Note: I myself am a customer of medical insurance. By the grace of God, I have been able to get a very complex and expensive treatment for this insurance. God will forgive me, God willing.

What are the benefits and benefits of life / general insurance corporation? Do I need to pass BCS to join 1st class officer post?

I have no idea about the first part of the question so I can’t say what are the benefits of life insurance corporation. And the answer of the second part is, it is not necessary to pass BCS for the recruitment of 1st class officer i.e. 9th grade. Those who passed BCS and joined as cadre and were appointed as assistant directors of Bangladesh Bank are considered as 1st class gazetted officers. Also as a non-cadre through BCSFirst class officers are appointed. 1st class officers are also appointed in other jobs (except BCS). You can even get promotion in first class officer i.e. ninth grade through promotion.

Why do the agents of most life insurance companies repeatedly mention the death of people while selling “Insurance Policy”? If life does not exist, then what is the benefit of life insurance?

Life insurance company agents say people are dying when they sell “insurance policies” because,1. I would like to present the picture of financial problems arising in the post-mortem stage in a realistic way so that one is able to realize that potential situation and become interested in taking out a life insurance policy. 2. The purpose of selling a life insurance policy is to ensure the business success of the company and to sustain one’s career. If life does not exist, then what is the benefit of life insurance? In the case of some policies, the purpose of life insurance is to deal with the potential financial problems of the family, relatives, at the next stage of death. Through it, a life insurer, reassures himself, tries to deal with the pre-existing anxiety for the family, after death. However, thanks to the questioner. Because, writing the answer to this question, he wanders around in his chest, “If life does not exist, then what is the benefit of life insurance?” At the same time, it echoes, “If life does not exist, then what is the benefit of having a family? What is the benefit, after death, what will happen to the family, relatives?”If life does not exist, then, what is the benefit of running after life, money, value, fame, prestige? Awake, an unspoken “consciousness.”

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