That is why it is very important for us to Life Insurance

Insurance is the financial protection against the risk of human life and property. All insurance except personal insurance is called a contract of indemnity. People have personal and property risks. Insurance is the measure taken to provide financial security from this risk.

The principles of the insurance business are

1. Principles of insurable interest

2. The principle of good faith

3. Policy of financial compensation

4. The principle of direct cause

5. The policy of collecting a large number of policies

The importance of insurance in personal life

1. Financial security provisions

2. Creation of savings

3. Gain investment opportunities

4. Resort to old age

5. Creating peace of mind

Creation of insurance for business expansion

1. Reducing risk barriers

2. Encouraging investment

3. Development of foreign business

4. Creating staff incentives

The importance of insurance in the economic field

1. Increase savings

2. Increase capital formation and investment

3. Creating employment opportunities

4. Government revenue growth

5. Invisible export earnings increase

The importance of insurance in the social field

1. Establishment of social comfort

2. Increase civic awareness

3. Solve the problem of unemployment.

When does a life insurance company refuse to pay?

When filling out a life insurance form there is a need to provide detailed information on a number of other issues including physical condition. In that case, if you give any information fraud or do not pay the premium properly, then the life insurance company may not pay the prescribed amount. Apart from this, when insuring, there are other reasons mentioned in the form for which insurance coverage is not available (eg suicide). So even if one of them applies to you, you will not get paid. However, it is very important to keep in mind that if you insure with a reputed insurance company just for the sake of extra profit, they may have trouble paying even after all is well on your part. So if you insure, you should ensure through a good company or insurance corporation.

What to do if the insurance company refuses to pay after the accident?

This is a very serious problem today. As can be seen, first the representatives of the insurance company will force you to buy insurance by blackmailing them emotionally. But if you have an accident in the future, they will think that they do not know you. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally don’t. In such a situation you will be under the emotional stress of the same accident, on top of that you will get lost in this kind of behavior of the insurance company. And Hawaii is normal.

Now the question is what do you do in this situation?

Feel free to contact any lawyer. Tell him your problem. If all your insurance papers are correct, he will apply to the court on your behalf. And you will be happy to know that in 95% of such cases, the petitioner has won. Note that if your accident is part of a road accident, then he will file a M.A.C.C or Motor Accident Claim Case Case. And in this case, it is difficult to say how much your award will be, but I can say that you will not be disappointed.

Do you need life insurance?

Life insurance is an agreement between you and an insurance company that states that if you die, the insurer will provide “death benefits” to the beneficiaries of your choice. In many cases, people choose their spouse or children as beneficiaries. That way, if something happens to you, housing your loved ones there will be money to help cover future expenses like monthly bills like payments, food, utilities, phone and internet, and college education. Although it varies depending on your personal circumstances, life insurance can help provide protection if: Your child or financially dependent you have a mortgage have some credit card debt your family is not rich independently.

Life insurance is a strategy to avoid risks to human life. Life insurance serves as a great tool to get rid of premature death, anger disorder, financial misery of retirement life etc. The insured therefore assigns the risk of his own life or other life to the insurer in return for which the insurer specifies a contract with a promise to pay a premium to the insured or his nominee in return for the premium. First of all, life insurance is a good business. Mae five percent of the insurer died and the insurance money was recovered. The rest of the insurers get back the sum insured with very little profit from the survivors. But if you die without insurance, it is a good thing to have insurance as the family travels a lot. Is it possible to be deceived if you insure with Life Insurance Corporation? There is a possibility of deception. If your agent is unable to choose the right insurance for you, then the insurance company will not deceive you. Insurance provides financial protection to the family in case of any mishap. Term insurance is the real insurance cover. Contact an experienced agent if you are interested in the details. In which organization will I do government life insurance? What% profit in how many years? According to the Eighth National Salary Framework, the maximum basic salary of government employees in Bangladesh is Rs 8,000 and the minimum is Rs 8,250. In 2015, the government approved this structure for your educational qualifications, also add that you also want to do service work or not! Just want to make a profit. I want to insure my life. Which banks would be good for life insurance? Life insurance is not available in any bank. There are many insurance companies for life insurance. There is a government insurance company called Life Insurance Corporation. There are also many insurance companies in Bangladesh. The best known of these was Eliko, now known as Met Life.

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