Is it better to have health insurance for everyone? What is your opinion?

Health insurance is a contract that is made with an insurance company to cover the medical expenses of an individual’s illness. Insurance covers a wide range of medical expenses ranging from general medical expenses to major road accidents. However, depending on the type of contract, the full cost of treatment is half or fixed amount of participation includes insurance. Under health insurance, insurance companies cover medical costs, surgical costs, and sometimes even dental costs. Although this type of insurance is mostly person-centered, it is sometimes taken at the group level. Especially as a package for employees and employees of different companies health is insured.

The package specifies what treatment will be given to office or business employees in some cases. According to him, the insurance company is obliged to bear the medical expenses of the employees. However, in the case of package insurance, most of the contracts are partially covered. That is, in such contracts, the employees of the organization, the employees half of medical expenses are borne by the insurance companies. Medical expenses are very high in almost all the countries of the world. And in our country doctors are often called throat doctors. Hospitals and diagnostic centers are like a frog’s umbrella across the city. Everyone knows the reason behind the development. So understand that it is not possible for many to bear the burden of treatment. So through health insurance, you can easily hand over this burden to the insurance company. Hospitals often have separate contracts with insurance companies. And according to the contract, they get various medical discounts companies take out insurance with or without a company and benefit from health insurance.

Many people think that health insurance is the only way to get sick. In fact, the issue of health insurance is not limited to this. An insured person can get various health benefits in addition to getting sick as per his contract. For example, regular visits to a doctor, various types of check-ups, etc. Understandably, a person you see a doctor often in addition to getting sick and get different types of health check-ups at different times, then you are more likely to get sick. Greatly reduced. So, just as health insurance is important for staying healthy, it is also important for treating the sick.

What are the things to know before taking health insurance?

1. Whether the company belongs to IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India). You can visit IRDAI’s site to see it, Irdai Belcase U.

2. What is the past history of the insurance company? To understand this, it is necessary to create an accurate broad idea about the company.

3. What types of medical insurance coverage are available?

4. What kind of disease cannot be claimed for insurance?

5. What is the procedure for claiming insurance? . Cashless treatment means whether there is a facility to pay money directly from the company to the medical provider company. In this case TPA i.e. Third Party Administrator System should be available. . If there is a TPA, then there are some medical centers in its network. . Whether the medical centers connected to the TPA network comply with the standards.

6. If the treatment is done outside a medical center that includes TPA, is there an advantage in claiming medical costs?

7. How long is the waiting period for making a claim, i.e., after how long the policy will be effective

8. Claims for some chronic diseases are not available.

9. What types of medical costs are available and not available.

10. Where the cost of treatment will be claimed instead of the TPA benefit, what is the time limit for receiving the claim? 14. What is the difference in premium rate of different companies in case of equal benefit policy, i.e. premium is less in case of any company.

11. Some companies need to come up with comparative ideas about these. The terms of the insurance company are very broad and written in small letters. In many cases it is not possible to read these with patience. So, in this case, you have to rely on the words of the company representative. It is the responsibility of the person representing the companyExplain everything in detail to the policy applicant and clarify any curiosity about it. Usually the company representatives do that. When that doesn’t happen, it’s time to dump him and move on. Then you have to hear, “No, you won’t get it, you won’t get it, there was such and such disease before such and such a date,It was written in the terms of all these policies. “Then I thought,” Sorry, it would be better to have another company’s policy. ” Therefore, it is important to look at these before making a policy, so that most medical expenses are covered by the insurance company.



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